Black Friday is not the best time for a Christmas sale anymore. Businesses are beginning to move their sales to earlier dates in order to grab their share of holiday shoppers. If you are committed to reducing your gift budget and want to start looking for Christmas sales, October is a good month to begin searching.

The economy is causing many of us to dread the holiday season but there are many ways to save money by shopping early. Whether you shop on-line stores or brick and mortar stores, the competition between companies trying to get a head start on early shoppers will work to your advantage. Let this season be the first time you don't overspend.

The best way to reduce your holiday budget, and take advantage of an early Christmas sale, is to shop without a specific item in mind for each individual on your list. Peruse on-line sales and, when you come across a great Christmas sale item, decide which person on your list would be most happy with that particular gift.

Changing the way you traditionally shop during a Christmas sale can reduce your expenses by more than half of what they used to be. Having an open mind about the type of gift you will give to each person does not mean you are giving less. What it DOES mean is you are consciously taking advantage of every Christmas sale that you come across and eliminating debt for yourself.